10 Pictures you can relate to if you have ever been in a Trotro

We all have at some point found ourselves in a public bus commonly referred to as trotro in Ghana. We have had funny experiences and will re-tell them to you via these pictures.

That moment at a bus stop a taxi moves towards you and slows down.

please excuse me I’m waiting for my darling trosky

Then you see a tro tro approaching

I must get front seat

When you have been waiting inside the tro tro for over 30 mins but no passenger

kill me now please

And then a group of 10 people comes and fills the bus
We thank God for his mercies

When you catch someone looking at your phone when you are chatting

What do you want to see, your head??

You have not gotten anywhere then you hear the mate say: yeeeis, front

it is when i want to get down that ill answer this man…lol

And then you see a man stand up and say, “good day ladies and gentlemen”

OOOOH these preachers again saf, what  is he going to say this time?…

When you get to your stop and want to alight, then to hear rrrrrrr coming from your trousers

hay God, my trousers have torn

Then the mate is rushing you to come down even when you haven’t adjusted yourself

can you give me 1min please

When you realize you have passed your bus stop

hay God, what will i do now

In fact, there are numerous experiences that cant be compiled into one list but, if you have any funny ones, kindly leave them in the comment section below, Thanks

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