12 Funny tweets about the Lord Paper Music Video: Awurama

Hello there, we’ve scavenged twitter and gotten funny reactions to the Lord Paper’s music video. See them below. And if you don't know about the Lord Paper’s supposed Porn music video, I beg Google it wai, we don’t do porn here, lol.

  1. This guy now has a certain perception about all girls named Awurama

2. This dude wants to be featured anaa

Lord Paper: Are you interested in being in my music video?

3. This inspirational tweet

*Awurama goes viral*

Reporter: Lord paper,why "Awurama"?

LP: This song to inspire de youth for the future


4. And this Pappy Kojo comparison

5. See this Wisa introduction

6. The director tweet

Klenam Awudu Peterson Owen Nana Giddy so the number of times Director say 'CUT' dude gottta do it real again๓พŒด๓พŒด๓พŒด๓พŒด๓พŒด

7. The fan base tweet

I know people will start creating new accounts and call it friends of lordPaper or  fans๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š @PresmaticPB adey lie?

8.  This hard guy…lolz

When you root behind your desk after watching Lord Paper's video and your boss is calling.... 

9. The Socrates tweet

10. A honest opinion

11. I just cant think far with this…

12. This person dey make sense waaa

 is a song but when watching the video b like I dey hear only instrumentals Ooo cos where ur mind go go dierr big up

Just so you know, lord paper is set to release another tune visually related to the former called: porno.. We’ll wait for it.
Have any funny reactions? Share them in the comments.

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