LOL: Using Sex to Explain Political Terms. A MUST READ

“I have been struggling to explain some basic political concepts to my friends but they simply cannot comprehend … So Let us sexualize the education & see if they will understand…

1. If you approach a Lady & start telling her about yourself, showing her pics of places you have been & some of your best taken photos, it is called GREENBOOK
2. If you tell her all the sweet, mostly unrealistic things to melt her heart & get her to grant you entry into her temple, it is called MANIFESTO
3. If you are dating & you both are okay reading each others messages. It is called TRANSPARENCY ( not common )
4. If you are dating a lady and you have to spend hours convincing her anytime you want to make love to her , it is called BUREAUCRACY.
5. If you don’t notice her new hairstyle or new dress & you fail to give her a compliment, It is an INSENSITIVE government.
6. If you ask your friends & family to act as spies, monitoring every move of your partner, it is ensuring CHECKS & BALANCES.
7. If you shower a lady with gifts & cash as a way of luring her to grant you unrestricted access, you are simply engaging inVOTE BUYING.
8. If you hijack her at a party in order to prevent other potential suitors from making a move on her, it isINCUMBENCY ADVANTAGE
9. If your performance is not satisfactory & you keep losing the match under one minute, you are INCOMPETENT
10. if you have to insult a guy you suspect she likes in order to gain advantage over him, you doing POLITICS of INSULTS.
11. If you prevent her from attending a party because you know she will meet her ex there… ABUSE of POWER
12. If you pretend to like all 11 points above, you are aFOOTSOLDIER
13. If you don’t LIKE any of the 12 points above, you are aDESPERATE opposition that doesn’t appreciate anything the government does.
14. If you write an insult under this post, you are a paid SERIAL CALLER
15. If you suspect that your girl friend is dating another man yet do not confront her but plans to drop her when the opportunity comes, then you are a FLOATING VOTER.

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