3 Lies Phone Sellers May Tell That You Need to Know

We have all been a victim of this one way of the other; when a purchasing a phone or new device, the seller then tells you "Buy this extra stuff so that this and that wont happen"...Well, most of them are lies.

I will be taking you through, 3 Lies Phone sellers tell you to collect extra money.

1. When buying a new phone, you have to buy a new memory card. - Its a lie
Most phone sellers are guilty of this and majority of phone buyers as well have fallen victim to this trick. People are usually told that because the new phone may contact a virus, your old memory card should not be used, rather a new one should be bought.
What to do: If you are indeed scared of viruses, you can simply back-up then format your memory card before inserting it in the new phone.

2. Its ok to root your phone. - This is another lie.
While it seems like rooting your android phone may be a smart idea to unlock unlimited customization features, also note that rooting your phone voids the warranty. Which means, if that phone ends up having a problem too big for you to handle and also probably not your fault, you go to your customer service center, you will not get a replacement or free repair even if you have a warranty that says so.

3. SAMSONG is the same thing as SAMSUNG - Its a lie (Run for your money)
Let me categorically state that, Big phone manufacturers do not make spelling mistakes on their products. When you discover any error in spelling or in a logo of any major phone brand, I'm 99% sure you are dealing with a fake. I always advise you buy from authorized retail centers.

So, next time when going out there to purchase a new device, remember that information is key.
I will bring you another 3 lies that phone retailers tell in a part 2 of this post next time.

Have you ever been lied to by a phone seller or convinced to buy some other attachment thing you don't really need? Let me know in the comments and I may include it in the part 2 of this post.

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