All the things that happens when your iPhone charger spoils.

Majority of iPhone users have been here at some point in their iLives. Fake iPhone charges are everywhere and original ones are either expensive or hard to come by do, people usually settle for fake. When that happens, its spoils very often.

Here are some moods you might be familiar with if you fall into this category.

1. Once you plugin in your charger and it does not work

Not again, Not again

2. And then you start calculating how much you have spent on charger's alone for the past 3 months


3. But you go ahead to the shop to buy a new one because you are the boss of yourself

I gat the maney

4. The shop attendant sees you from afar and is like..

customer, customer

5. Then you just sit there waiting for him to bring one of the iFakes

is this what my life has turned into?

6. Trying to hide in the crowd so no one sees you on your way home

God I beg, my reputation

7.Then you cross path with an android user who knows where you are coming from and you are like...

Please not today

LOL. Have you experienced any of these or fall into this category?
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