Say hello to Opera Neon. The browser of the future?

Just when you think browsers couldn't get any more interesting, Opera has left the mouths of may fans worldwide falling wide open with Opera Neon.

Its called the Opera Neon concept browser for Windows.

In this browser, Opera has gotten rid of all the conventional features of a web browser and replaced them with futuristic looking designs that seem to give a sense of satisfaction when browsing.

What if this were the future of web browsing? Opera asks. Well, this is said to be Opera Neon’s vision for desktop browsers.

At first use, I must say, its a very sleek browser and the chat bubbles look really awesome. The feel and futuristic use is to die for. N wonder I am writing this article in the all new Opera Neon. Its built on the popular Chromium Framework so you are assured of functionality.

The browser Introduces awesome new features like: Split screen mode, Video pop-out and player, Visual tabs and gravity. It's available only to Windows users.

You can read more about Opera Neon of their OFFICIAL SITE 
Download Opera Neon HERE

Feast your eyes on the images below.

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