Yahoo has been renamed to Altaba. EVERYBODY FREAK OUT

Its an end of a very long era for the tech giant Yahoo as Verizon bought majority of the company for 4.8billion dollars.

The remainder of company today announced that it’s renaming itself to ‘Altaba. This seems to cause an uproar in the tech society and even way beyond.

Check this out

1. When you heard the Altaba news

what is the meaning of this?

2. Then you remember you have a yahoo mail with important stuff inside

heeerh, my visa application email...

3. And you start thinking what is even the meaning of Altaba ?

like seriously? of all the names in the world.

4. And you hear..."Don't worry, nothing will change its still the same thing"

hmmm, are you sure?

5. But people without yahoo mail be like

none of my

6. Thinking: So, yahoo boys will now be called Altaba boys?

WAEC question

7. Seeing all the memes and jokes on Facebook

I'm not mad, I'm not mad

8. Then you remember your parents and YahooMail are like... 

I better go and warn my moda

9. But you just abandon it because you have no trust for it again

who am I but a mare mortal

Hide your shame and move to Gmail now putting all your worries behind you! lol.

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