Kafui Danku exposes East-Legon shop for selling EXPIRED baby milk

Ghanaian actress and producer Kafui Danku who recently became a mother has called out a shop for selling expired products to customers.

This has received various reactions from her fans and other celebrities with mostly encouraging her to name and shame the shop that had this product on display.

 Check out what she said below

I found this baby milk that expired 3 months ago, still on the shelve in a very popular baby store yesterday . Last month , I returned a can of another brand of baby milk that I bought because it was just a month to the expiry date . My friend who introduced me to that store told me there's no need to ship stuffs from 'wherever ' anymore and that Accra has everything baby, Now look, This is a store you trust and can just walk in and pick up food for your baby without paying attention . This is just a warning ⚠️ to us all, let's pay attention to details. Maybe as adults, our system can somehow handle expired foods though it's still very dangerous, so guardians/parents, let's make it a point to always check expiry dates of our foods, especially baby foods.NB: most of their baby milk are close to the date of expiry . Some are just a month , 2 or three away .


Check out the post here

Do you think this shop should be penalized for selling expired products? 
Let's have your reactions.

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