My fiance left me and married someone else on our wedding day with my own money.


he married someone else on our wedding day with my own money.

This is a story making rounds on social media receiving a lot of audience and makes you wonder if there is any limit to the wickedness that people do these days.

For confidentiality purposes, we have replaced the name of the receiver of this letter to X.

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Dear X,

Have you ever wished you could go back to the past and repair all your mistakes or take back your words?

Has vengeance been all you can think of where your only thought of happiness is getting back all that you've lost? Well I have. That's what I'm going through now.

X, I met this guy and used my hard earned money to pay for most of our wedding bills. He said he'd used all his money to import some goods but his 6 containers were locked up at the harbor because he couldn't afford the duty.

I hadn't seen those containers but I took money from my hair and jewelry business and gave it to him to pay for it. X, not knowing he was lying.

He also lied to me that most of the items when he opened the containers had been taken by port officials. X, so many lies and I believed him. He told me that he was going to sell the rest but things would be slow.

I loved him. I trusted him. It was a few weeks to our date so I chose to pay for everything. The clothes, rings, refreshments, decor etc etc. He was happy and promised to pay as and when he sold his goods.

It got to our D Day and the only people who were in church were my family and some friends. My groom-to-be dearest had spent all night texting and calling people to apologize that the wedding wasn't coming on.

X I'll send you the Whatsapp messages and SMS people showed me. I cried so much that I fell sick.

If not for my mum X, if not for her, I'd have gone mad. She sat me down and talked to me over and over again.

We called his family and they told us what he told them. He told them that I changed my mind about marrying him so he was no longer interested in me.

He'd always loved someone else so if I didn't want him then he was going to marry that person. So X, he married someone else on our wedding day with my own money.

X, it has taken me weeks to find out all this information. I want to destroy him. No man can do this to an Akua and go Scott free. He's joking.

I've made up my mind. Even my mother can't change my mind but X, I want you to post this. I was told in church after they heard my story that mine isn't the first. Other girls have been treated this way.

The reason why I contacted you is because someone sent me a similar story on your page. I didn't know that you were the administrator until I saw a comment recently where someone tagged you about something.

I read the comments on the story I'm talking about and it's obvious that a lot of guys don't care who they hurt.

I now know where this guy stays with his new wife. Making her leave him is the least I will do to him. He'll see. He'll lose that new business he's started. I won't tell you who he is or how I'll go about it but I'll make him pay, one way or the other.

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