I'm Aiming for Guinness Book of Records with my Waist - Princess Shyngle

We all love to love the Ghanaian based Gambian beauty Princess Shyngle and obviously know her crave for Waist trainers.

Recently In an Interview with the Dai1y Times of the U.S.A.A, she revealed her undying love for waist trainers. She mentioned that she wears 2-3 to sleep overnight. and during the day, she wears at least 5 to keep the perfect shape.

When asked about her challenges, She revealed that It makes her unable to wee wee or poop because she cant bend over most times to even pick something from the floor that it (the waist trainer) may rip her apart.She even mentioned that she has fainted a few times due to the fact that it was a little difficult for her to breathe.

Then she made a big reveal, that she is aiming for the Guinness book of world record for the slimmest waist, that if she does that...her life long purpose will be achieved and she can then finally rest, but for now, there's no stopping her.

Princess Shyngle (8)

Disclaimer: This article is obviously a source of parody, satire, and humor and is for entertainment purposes only. All names and descriptions of people in this article are fictitious except for those of public figures, who are the intended subject of satire. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. So, don't take it serious, just have a good laugh.

10 Pictures you can relate to if you have ever been in a Trotro

We all have at some point found ourselves in a public bus commonly referred to as trotro in Ghana. We have had funny experiences and will re-tell them to you via these pictures.

That moment at a bus stop a taxi moves towards you and slows down.

please excuse me I’m waiting for my darling trosky

Then you see a tro tro approaching

I must get front seat

When you have been waiting inside the tro tro for over 30 mins but no passenger

kill me now please

And then a group of 10 people comes and fills the bus
We thank God for his mercies

When you catch someone looking at your phone when you are chatting

What do you want to see, your head??

You have not gotten anywhere then you hear the mate say: yeeeis, front

it is when i want to get down that ill answer this man…lol

And then you see a man stand up and say, “good day ladies and gentlemen”

OOOOH these preachers again saf, what  is he going to say this time?…

When you get to your stop and want to alight, then to hear rrrrrrr coming from your trousers

hay God, my trousers have torn

Then the mate is rushing you to come down even when you haven’t adjusted yourself

can you give me 1min please

When you realize you have passed your bus stop

hay God, what will i do now

In fact, there are numerous experiences that cant be compiled into one list but, if you have any funny ones, kindly leave them in the comment section below, Thanks

12 Funny tweets about the Lord Paper Music Video: Awurama

Hello there, we’ve scavenged twitter and gotten funny reactions to the Lord Paper’s music video. See them below. And if you don't know about the Lord Paper’s supposed Porn music video, I beg Google it wai, we don’t do porn here, lol.

  1. This guy now has a certain perception about all girls named Awurama

2. This dude wants to be featured anaa

3. This inspirational tweet

4. And this Pappy Kojo comparison
5. See this Wisa introduction

6. The director tweet

7. The fan base tweet

8.  This hard guy…lolz

9. The Socrates tweet

10. A honest opinion

11. I just cant think far with this…

12. This person dey make sense waaa

Just so you know, lord paper is set to release another tune visually related to the former called: porno.. We’ll wait for it.
Have any funny reactions? Share them in the comments.