Chris Attoh named ambassador for Iflix


Ghana welcomes a new movie distribution channel, as Iflix, a subscription video on-demand platform, is launched.
The platform was launched in Accra with the announcement of popular actor Chris Attoh as its brand ambassador.
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Iflix is a subscription video on-demand platform that allows its users to stream and download legal foreign and local content. Users can use it on five different devices, and two of them can be watched at the same time.
A company who sees its only competition as piracy has come at a very crucial time in Ghana’s film industry
“Piracy is not an ethical question in most emerging markets; it is very much a matter of convenience and accessibility. People don’t actively want to steal; they just want to watch the latest television shows and movies. So, the question then arose ‘What if we could provide a service that was better than piracy?’ Instead of the option of purchasing a single movie, what if we could provide thousands of hours of the world’s best content, with hundreds of first run exclusive titles, current hit and iconic award-winning TV series, blockbuster movies, popular local and regional content, children’s programs, and more…for the same price of a pirated DVD. And so, with this revolutionary idea in mind, Iflix was born,” Abner Briandt, Country Manager of Iflix Ghana, indicated.
The app provides so many good functions like its download and watch-later option. It also has a parental guidance option in order to sieve the content which is available to your children. The app can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops and other devices that can be connected to the internet.
Local movie producers greeted the coming of Iflix with joy because they believe it also has some local content on its platform in order to boost the local movie industry in Ghana.
Again, Iflix also has plans in the near future to commission its own contents beginning, especially in the stand-up comedy genre.
Iflix can be downloaded on the Google Playstore and AppStore, and is offering a one-month free subscription for new customers. Afterwards, customers are required to pay a monthly subscription of GH¢10.75. A full year’s subscription comes with a 33 percent discount.
The app, apart from movies and series, also provides music, sports, kids’ shows, documentaries and many more.

Jo-Quaye drops brand new single Talk n Do

Jo-Quaye _ Talk N Do ft Ojay Cute [prod by Jo-Quaye]

Talk n Do is a love hip-hop banger that talk about the adventures of this era’s youthful relationships. It’s a groovy tune that reveals the usual expectations of both sides in today’s relationships.

It features Nigerian female rapper Ojay Cute adding her humor-style flavor to the tune. The song was produced by the creative artiste Jo-Quaye who always gives his beats that timeless & trendy touch.

This track is released shortly after Jo-Quaye’s recent rap banger “Free” and his stage performance at the recently concluded Chale Wote festival which got many people talking.

Stream and Download free below

Ghanaians have ignored highlife - Bisa K’dei

We are made to believe that high-life music is an authentic music genre of Ghanaian music industry, which has been with us all this while but as the saying goes,’music is dynamic’ and every generation and their choices which is also related to music.

There have been many people who have high life music at heart and have spoken against the fall of the music genre in our music industry, but it seems like Ghanaians have now adopted and liked other music genres that do not originate from Ghana than our own high life music which is a big blow to the music industry.

Ghanaian DJ’s and presenters now play music on their various programs without high-life music from Ghana, which is making high-life musicians in Ghana unhappy about it. Due to this act by Ghanaians, it has even opened the door for Nigerian musicians to reign in our music industry with their style of high-life music and have been bold enough to claim’originators’ of the high-life music.

Moving into this problem, one high-life music guru of our time who is putting Ghanaian high-life music on the world map is the award winning high life artiste Ronald Kweku Dei Appiah popularly known as BisaK’dei has come out to add his voice to this unfortunate experience about the same genre; high-life music. In an interview with Flex newspaper, BisaK’dei revealed that it’s very difficult for an A-LIST artiste to make it with high-life music in Ghana without moving from one media house to the other, to do promotions of his or her song which is absurd as far as the Ghanaian industry is concerned.

He continued to say that, Ghanaians seem to concentrate on other music genres more than what is originally theirs, which doesn’t sink with traditions and cultural values and does not the story of Ghana to the world. The ‘Mansa’ and ‘Brother Brother’ hit maker added that, Ghanaians have ignored high-life music because even when general awards nominations come to the public, high-life music is given just two or maybe three categories only while the others get multiple categories which is bad and disrespectful to the music genre.

“This doesn’t encourage other musicians to do high-life. This is because they believe even after their hard work, they will not be awarded which shouldn’t be so and that is killing many talents among the youth. So I am pleading to Ghanaians to love their own which will be enough to motivate others do high life music” he quavered.

Bisak’dei is currently out with his latest banger ‘Sister girl’, a continuation of his hit song ‘Brother brother has urged Ghanaians to pay much attention to high-life music than hip-pop, dancehall, RnB and other music genres that are from telling the history of Ghanaians.

Source: Flex Newspaper

Ghana Cup Clash 2017: King Lagazee, Raja Flame and others light up the turn tables.

The streets of Kokomlemle was lit up on Friday night (25/6/2017) as DJ's and MC's took to the stage at One Corner Garden to battle out the Ghana 2017 Cup Clash organized by Judah Promotions & Suumoni Records.

It was a fierce 5 rounds turn-table competition between the two combined teams. Lagazee Sound International & One Love African System VS Fyah Krew Sound & Lifted Selection Gh.

There were dubplates played from around the world and Ghana had a 20mins dedicated round where strictly GH music was also played.

The Sound Clash was judged by Black Santino and Edward Ohene-Dian. It was also met with special appearances like Kojo Kombolo and Gaffy from Radio Gold who doubled as a refree for the clash.

At the end of the long night after the constant throwing of lyrical and musical shots, the judges concluded the sound clash to be a tie and a re-match will be held later this year to determine the winner.

After the clash in a positive spirit, Kojo Kombolo praised all the sound systems and high profiles that were present at the event in a facebook post. 

He wrote:
MUCH RESPECT TO LAGAZEE SOUNDS INTERNATIONAL, FYAH KREW SOUNDS, LIFTED SELECTION GH AND ONE LOVE AFRICAN SOUND SYSTEM. MAY JAH BLESS U ALL #GhanaCupClashKing Lagazee Ras Kalio Etse Farai Selector Garlic Emmanuel Deejay Manni Denkyi Kingsman Djgashie GH Bekoe Raja Flame Abubakar Saddiq YakubuπŸ‘ŠπŸΏπŸ‘ŠπŸΏπŸ‘ŠπŸΏ

In an interview with Judah Promotion, the organisers promised the re-match to be even more entertaining and successful.

Police know I still smoke weed, even MPs smoke – Kwaw Kese

The controversial rapper, Kwaw Kese has revealed that he still actively smokes cannabis and even the police are fully aware of it.

According to him, not even his imprisonment in 2015 for smoking weed in public, deterred him from engaging in the act.

Kwaw Kese, born Emmanuel Botchwey, was arrested by the police in Kumasi on Saturday, November 22, 2014, for allegedly smoking cannabis in public.

On Thursday, April 23, 2015, Judge William Boampong sentenced him to a day’s imprisonment and a fine of GHc1,200.

Speaking in an interview on Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM with Doreen Andoh, the rapper revealed that he is done pretending that he does not smoke the banned herb.

“As we age, you can’t hide the truth forever…I smoke and it’s good for me…I’ve been smoking for almost 20 years or more; there’s never been any implication,” the controversial rapper, popularly called ‘Abodam’, declared.

“I still smoke…before I got arrested, I was doing music to please people, I was ‘spoiling’ every stage which I still do and I was smoking weed doing that so I don’t want people to be like ‘because he got arrested, he’s stopped what he is doing’ Then I have to stop music; I still smoke weed…I used to be hiding it [but] now I want the world to know…” he said and cited that Nigerian musician Wizkid also smokes weed on stage.

Kwaw Kese added that, “I know a lot artistes smoke who smoke, nobody cares. Why is it because Kwaw Kese says he is Abodam and he’s caught smoking weed…me I don’t care, I smoke and the police know I smoke.”

According to the Section 5 of the Narcotic Drugs (Control, Enforcement AND Sanctions) Law, 1990 (PNDCL 236) states:

“No person shall without lawful authority or excuse smoke, sniff, consume, inject in his body or otherwise administer narcotic drug on his body.”
He strongly believes that the law that makes it a crime to smoke weed is outmoded and must be amended.

“I know some people in Parliament who smoke weed…I know a doctor who smokes weed and he still performs alright,” he further alleged.

Kwaw Kese was quick to stress that, “I’m not advocating for people to go and do [it]” while claiming “more than 60% of the youth smoke.”

According to him, students smoke in tertiary institutions and the same students turn out to become bank managers, medical doctors and lawyers later.

“People are hypocrites…I don’t want to be a hypocrite anymore. I can’t come and sit here and say I don’t smoke and go back [home] and smoke.”

Watch Video below


LISTEN UP: Jo-Quaye - Free (Prod by Jo-Quaye)

Jo-Quaye latest hip-hop crooner: “FREE” talks about his life and the things he goes through to make it.
He lets us know that, to be FREE off this world's atrocities is being able to move on and on and on.
This rap-filled banger track teaches us to learn to face each day with the experience from the past days.
It is available on SoundCloud for free streaming and other leading music download websites in Ghana and Africa.